Dynamic simulation

The simulation allows to minimize quickly economic costs and the risks related to changes in the logistics system. Through the use of advanced packages, we are able to build simulation models that reproduce the functioning of a real or to be design, with a high level of detail.

In this way it is possible to dynamically simulate the logistic system behaviour over time, verifying the performances and identifying the critical issues (bottlenecks, fluctuations,…)

There are different areas of applications in which the simulation is efficient:

DESIGN of many layouts: factory, plant, departments,…

Stock and labor MANAGEMENT,…

Investments, movements and storage ANALYSIS

Production capacity PLANNING

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Logistic project for a new clad-rack automatic warehouse of a Logistic Operator (with dynamic simulation)

(Warehouse equipped with an innovative oxygen depletion system, as fire prevention)

Project activities:

  • Simulazion through Witness (initial «model» and proposed solution)
  • Detailed project development, both for the technological part and for the new operational model
  • Assistance for supplier selection and Performance check

Project numbers

Area mq. 9.200
Height m. 29,00
Pallet places Nr. 50.000
Tote places Nr. 50.000
Yearly shipments Nr. 1.200.000
Yearly picking lines Nr. 5.300.000
Daily picking lines Nr. 22.000


Achieved target storage capacity

Lower Lead Time preparation:
• Average flow: 10h 50′ (obj 12h)
• Peak flow: 15h 35′ (obj 16h)