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The NeT-LOG team of consultants comprises professionals with proven experience in procurement, material handling and transport, layout and automation, process analysis, and information techology. Accustomed to working in teams, they leverage their own skills to help clients achieve the goal of supply chain integration.


Rolando Giacomini

After having held various roles in “Alfa Romeo”, in “Italtel” Rolando became a founding partner and director of the consultancy company SECO TOA in Monza. In 1989 he became a founding partner of Efeso Consulting and since 2001 he has held the role of CEO in NeT- LOG Consulting, after the spin-off of the Company by Efeso Consulting. He has led distribution projects of warehouses and distribution centres – on topics such as layout, automation, work organization and Information Systems implementation – for companies in different product sectors in Italy and abroad, holding different roles such as: client leader , project manager, …

Federico Giacomini

Federico has been working as a consultant in NeT-LOG Consulting since 2009. His main focus is on the development and optimization of logistical contexts, through the re-engineering of operational processes, the design of layouts, the analysis of flows, the definition of the automation, equipment and resources used,…

Renzo Rivolta

After 30 years of experience in a leading international company in the production and distribution of chemical and pharmaceutical products and with an international company of Logistics and Transport Services, in which he held the roles of Operations Manager, Central Logistics Manager and CEO of a new company of Logistics Services, in 2003 he started his business as a logistics consultant. His experience is based on the revision and design of operational processes concerning Operations and the Supply Chain and he is especially involved in projects regarding Optimization of logistic and production flows and Design of warehouses.

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