Project phases

The Design approach we propose is divided into 3 phases that are interrelated in succession in time, but which can be developed separately and gradually:

Feasibility Study

Alternative technical solutions are identified and evaluated, to be compared in terms of feasibility, performance and economic parameters

Analysis of the AS-IS situation: analysis of the operating logics (inbound / outbound), analysis of internal flows, analysis of volumes …

Detailed solution Project

The chosen solution is deeply study in every part (layout, supply specifications, economic analysis, gantt, …)

Detailed organisational model for the new solution: definition of operating logics (inbound, internal, outbound and shipment), sizing of human resources, definition of operating standards

Implementation Support

We assist the company in the implementation phase, through project management activities, training, …

Project assistance: launch tenders for suppliers, evaluation of offers received, coordination on site and during implementation, assistance in implementing WMS changes

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