The areas of specialisation

Building & Layout

Feasibility study aimed at optimizing activities and areas:

  • Design of a new building
  • Layout design with sizing of the areas necessary for reception, storage, order preparation and shipping
  • Redesign of existing buildings with detailed plans of the optimized layout
  • Research and verification of existing structures
  • Design of internal and external roads
  • Evaluation of alternative automation and construction solutions

Solution development:

  • Detailed Micro layout (with any additional automation elements)
  • Tender for supplies
  • Analysis and comparison of the various supplier offers


Detailed definition of the organization of the new warehouse:

  • definition of the operating logics (inbound, outbound and internal movements)
  • sizing of human resources
  • definition of operating standards

Ramp-up support for the new “warehouse system”:

  • education and training of employees on the new work organization
  • setting standards for forecasting and monitoring performance


Defining the most suitable automation solutions for the customer:

  • Search for innovative solutions characterized by different levels of automation
  • Evaluation of the plant’s operational capabilities
  • Verification of the adequacy of the solutions to the customer’s service level requirements

Cost benefit analysis:

  • Estimate of the investments necessary for the realization of the proposed solutions
  • Estimate of the achievable benefits
  • Evaluation of returns on investment

Material Handling​

Definition of material handling systems:

  • Define the most suitable handling systems for the type of products and operational flows
  • Definition of systems and equipment
  • Definition of the internal transportation equipment

Cost and benefit analysis:

  • Estimate of the necessary investments for the purchasing of equipment and operational systems
  • estimate of the achievable benefits and evaluation of returns on investment

Specifications for supply:

  • Supplier specifications for the purchasing of systems and equipment
  • Analysis and comparison of supplier offers

Support during implementation:

  • tender bids to suppliers
  • evaluation of the offers received
  • coordination on site and during implementation

Information technology​

Operational system definition:

  • Detailed design of the warehouse organization system
  • Definition of the appropriate information system to support the work organisation

Functional specifications for suppliers:

  • Definition of functional specifications for supplier tenders
  • Comparison of the various offers received from suppliers

Support during implementation:

  • launch of tender bids to suppliers
  • evaluation of the offers received
  • coordination on-site and during implementation
  • assistance in implementing WMS changes

Transport & distribution

Distribution network definition:

  • Definition of the transport system and the distribution network consistent with the level of service
  • Identification of the distribution map centre
  • Definition of travel optimization systems
  • Study of the costs of the new system and comparison with current costs
  • Estimate of the achievable benefits

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